EKBS – Backbone in Pedagogy

KG – Senior Secondary

Kids Academy Chrysalis
Montessori Wing has been given special attention by providing separate Kids Garden, Sand Pit, Swings, Slides, Toy Room , Clay Modelling Corner, Activity Corner & Audio Visual Aids. Personal attention is given to each child through constant evaluation. Child’s personal profile, filled in with Grades, based on personality, health, academics, sports, co-curricular activities etc., is provided to the parents on every PTM and Days. Special Days (viz Colours Week, Shapes Week, Fruits Week, Seasons etc.) are celebrated to establish the concepts through activities & games. Festival celebration and Value based thematic assemblies help the children to develop and retain our culture & values. 

Curriculum (Chrysalis – I – Max) CMP was implemented by KVS and thereby it is followed by EKBS in collaboration with Chrysalis and IMAX fulfilling the objectives of NCF 2005 in a full-fledged way giving more prominence to play way method and child centred learning. In EKBS, it is a perfect blend of fun, frolic and comforts of learning wherein a well established infrastructure in the institution paves way to attract children’s interest in learning. Well trained teachers by Chrysalis and IMAX are the facilitators towards self-learning and ensure the interest taken to improve the personality development of a child. Chrysalis and IMAX emphasize on certain basic principles laid down in the NCERT curriculum such as awakening the child’s potential from various aspects of learning. The other aspects followed are: 

  • To focus on reading, handwriting, communicative and numerical skills. 
  • To provide children with various situations to think creatively and critically to bring out some original write ups for developing their Meta Cognitive skills. 
  • To further encourage and develop their psycho motor skills, build hand eye co-ordination and emotional empathy.

Everest KenBridge Senior Secondary School

Secondary School Education

An integrated curriculum and creative teaching techniques define the Secondary School Education at EKBS. As students progress, there is an increasing emphasis on independent work, small group work, interactive session, quiz, library sessions and whole class discussion which are all a regular part of students’ classroom experience to instill serious learning habits and academic bent of mind.

* EKBS follows CBSE syllabus 

* English is the first language and medium of instructions 

* Second and third language options are Tamil, Hindi and Sanskrit

* A healthy student – teacher ratio is maintained in all classes 

* Homework is given on a regular basis with increasing load as the student moves up his classes to ensure learning becomes a continuous habit and concepts are digested effortlessly.

* The school supports students with multiple learning profiles by following interdisciplinary approach.

* Highly qualified and committed teachers are carefully selected to make the curriculum accessible to each and every student.

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Everest KenBridge Senior Secondary School

Assessment & Feedback

The school has a robust assessment mechanism to continuously access the involvement and performance of students in studies. 

The evaluation is based on a number of factors including standardised test results , examinations, assignments, practical work, group projects and other activities strictly based on CBSE guidelines.

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Everest KenBridge Senior Secondary School

Senior Secondary Education

The course of study in Class XI & XII is designed as a preparation for the All India Senior Secondary Examination conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education.

Courses Offered :

Science Stream:

English | Mathematics | Applied Maths | Physics | Chemistry | Biology | Computer Science 

Commerce Stream:

English | Accountancy | Economics | Business Studies | Computer Science |  Financial Marketing

Other Compulsory Subjects:

Physical &Health Education | General Studies | Work Experience


Everest KenBridge Sr.Secondary School strongly believes that parents play a significant role in the development of a child and hence would love to involve them actively in the academic journey. Open House gatherings are organised after each test for constructive academic related communication. Parents are welcome to make an appointment and see their child’s teachers at anytime throughout the academic year after school hours.