Everest KenBridge


A group of teachers from EKBS have started their three month induction programme at DAV Gurushikshanam Centre for Teaching Excellence at Gopalapuram , Chennai on 4th January 2021 after a Formal Inaugural Function at 10.30 am today. All the dignitaries and faculty members appreciated , inspired and motivated the teacher trainees.
The policies, procedures and provisions designed at Gurushikshanam are designed to equip the EKBS teachers with the knowledge , attitude, behaviour and skills they require, to perform their tasks effectively in the classroom, school and wider community. These teachers will definitely become an asset to society and hereafter the school , EKBS will be viewed through a totally different perspective.
Salutes to the Management for pioneering this mammoth challenge and providing a great exposure to their teachers who in turn will transform Mayiladuthurai.